per year.


Includes online access to:

• Five original modules of video training              about 45 minutes each

• Accompanying worksheets and                        exercises for each module.

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The Pathway to Peace program consists of five modules designed to build upon each other as you learn about yourself and others to build a successful life of peace and joy.

Module Four: Simplify Your Life

You will...​

·         Be reminded that you were born in purity with no clutter as a baby. 

·         Realize that as you began to grow, you were raised in a box. Pressures came about, pushing you this way                  and that way, defining who you should be. 

·         Understand that even as adults, we sometimes feel like we're in a box, with mounting pressures from work,              business and family. 

·         Learn how you can minimize stress.

·         Be shown how to burn away your demons, diminishing  the pain and suffering that has come from being                    raised in those boxes. 

·         Be motivated to let go and eliminate the clutter in your world, your heart and your soul. 

·         Learn to develop clarity of mind.

As you engage in this module, you will be motivated to make your life more simple and fulfilling.

Module Five: Enjoy Peaceful Existence

You will...

·         Learn the importance of letting go of the past. 

·         Be encouraged not to fret about the future, but live in the present and the joy that it offers. 

·         Understand how to be a proactive problem solver, that In spite of problems, you can still live in peace. 

·         Be empowered to change your life to what you want it to be. 

·         Sharpen the skill of acceptance, to accept others because they are different from you. 

·         Learn to help others accept you. 

·         Realize that to live a peaceful existence, you will need to connect with nature.

·         Recognize that your glass isn't half empty, but its more than half full—its literally overflowing with your                        achievements and your sense of goodwill about yourself and others.

As you look about you, you will live in greater peace, because you have journeyed through all five modules and have come to this place where life is more serene and happy. 


                                 per year.


Includes online access to:

• Five original modules of video training              about 45 minutes each,

• Accompanying worksheets and                         exercises for each module,

• Bi-weekly LEADER webcasts,

• Regular podcasts as released,

• Additional training videos in the five                  module areas as released throughout the        year,

• FREE Linton book of choice,

• Discounted event tickets with access                before other levels except the                            Founders level.

                                   per year.


Includes online access to:

• Five original modules of video training       about 45 minutes each,

• Accompanying worksheets and                   exercises for each module,

• Regular podcasts as released,

• Additional training videos in the five          module areas as released                            throughout the year,

• Discounted event tickets with access         before the public and after Leader and       Founder levels.

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Includes online access to:

• Five original modules of video training about 45 minutes each,

• Accompanying worksheets and exercises for each module,

• Bi-weekly Inner Circle webcasts,

• Exclusive Inner Circle podcasts,

• All additional media and content created during the subscription period,

• All published books or e-books FREE,

• Exclusive founder SWAG collection,

• Discounts on live training events [retail $500 per person per event, discounted to $200 per person per event for three years for up to              $4500 savings],

• Preferred seating at events, not available to any other subscription level,

• Founder Inner Circle exclusive events.

• Additionally, as an Inner Circle member, you will have one-on-one contact opportunities with John Linton throughout the subscription period    as well as a seat on the Inner Circle advisory board. 



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Testimonials About the Pathway to Peace Experience

Melissa Platt: John Linton’s program is more like a journey that you go through with different stages where you see different experiences and you go through those experiences with people from different backgrounds, different cultures. They have different lives, so you go through that journey together with people you never imagined you’d be with.

Six different people share aspects of their journey.

· You are introduced to John Linton on stage and outdoors,      leading you to introspection, instilling a desire to figure out    life.

· The Pathway to Peace is a unique journey of several stages    experienced with different people from different cultures        and backgrounds.

· Through John Linton's teachings, you realize that to live a      life of happiness, you have to be fully self-expressed. 

· Connecting to your divinity is not a religious thing, but a          humanity thing, a very inspiring experience. 

· With so much chaos in life, the training helps you see the        need to be still and take care of yourself.

· You recognize what stressors you have, and feel                      empowered to deal with those stresses in a healthy way. 

· When you walk away from this training, you will have tools      that guide you in how to reflect on your life's experience        and feel the empowerment and motivation to move forward.

· Discovering who you are helps you to realize your purpose    in life. If your purpose is fulfilled, you are happy. 

Debie Wangesgard: I attended one of John Linton’s seminars and I wanted to just tell you a few things that I really enjoyed about the seminar. The first thing was just mingling with all the people. I really enjoyed going to each little station, participating in what was at that station and then being able to hear the perspectives of other people that were there with me. Most of those people where strangers to me and yet there were so many similarities between a lot of us, and other times we were as different as night and day. And so it gave you a way to look at these situations from a lot of different perspectives and I feel like I gained some good knowledge by doing that.

Module Three: Understand Those Around You

You will...​

·         Learn that everybody has four basic needs and that we must keep those needs in balance. 

·         Understand that everybody has a personality motive that sometimes aggravates other people. 

·         Recognize your own personality motive which drives your behavior. 

·         Learn that conflict and discomfort are inevitable and how to cope with those problems. 

·         Understand how to achieve balance in your needs and motivational drives, helping you to be less bothered              by other people. 

·         Discover superstars around you, people in your midst who are wonderful, powerful achievers. 

·         Also discover that you're a superstar in a particular area which makes of you a very important person, not                  only to yourself and your family, but your community and everyone around you. 

This module will help you understand why people do the things they do, giving you the power to find acceptance and peace as you journey on the Pathway to Peace.

Module One: Define Yourself

You will...

·         Learn the importance of being honest with yourself. 

·         Understand your beliefs that drive your behaviors that sometimes cause serious problems. 

·         Realize that you are a person of great worth. 

·         Learn how to say no, so that people don't take advantage of you. 

·         Believe that your life is valuable and that you're worthy of respect and admiration.

·         Develop the ability to handle criticism.

·         Let go of the need to be perfect. 

As you move through this module, you will have a greater understanding of who you are and what shifts you need to make in your behaviors to find greater joy and happiness. 

Module Two: Connect to Your Divinity

You will...

·         Learn that the roots of your divinity are born within you as you came into this world pure.

·         Divinity decays as we grow older.

·         Recognize that we suffer conflict and evolve into suffering and strife. 

·         Understand we all need to survive emotionally and physically. 

·         Realize that to connect to divinity, you need to step outside of yourself and help others. 

·         Learn the power of meditation and supplication. 

·         Recognize the importance of turning arrogance and pride into humility. 

As you progress through this module,  you will find great joy as this is the next step on the Pathway to Peace.

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