Why is John Linton Different?

He became empowered.

John has produced hundreds of videos and films and written accompanying books on a wide variety of topics relating to the human experience.

Dozens of awards and recognitions fill the walls of his home and studio

He wants you to be empowered as well.

John shares a personal story.

When I left the school district as a teacher in 1987 to begin traveling and videotaping in schools throughout the land, I withdrew my retirement funds to buy a professional video camera and other production equipment. One of the district administrators who held a high position, prestige and a good salary said to me:

          "I'm envious of you."

          "Why?" I asked.

          "It's because you have the courage to go out on your own. I don't have that kind of courage. How could            I leave the security of working for the school district?"

           "I don't know." I puzzled.

Walking away I wondered, how could I not do what I am doing? How could I ever feel good about myself hunkered under the security of the status quo, missing the opportunity of doing what I knew I could do , risky though it was.

That camera paid big dividends. Bought from retirement funds, it is now on display in my studio. The video camera paid for itself thousands of times over. I am inspired by the words of Theodore Roosevelt:



          Far better to dare mighty things than to

          take rank with those poor timid spirits

          who know neither victory or defeat.

He has trained with world class psychologists and counselors. 
Throughout his life he has communicated messages of hope to tens of thousands of people. 
LIKE YOU he has lived life's up's and downs. 
Through his many years he has gained remarkable wisdom to share with you. 

In addition to working with some of the world's leading psychiatrists, psychologists and reseachers, Mr. Linton has been on a life-long quest to understand the mystical and practical aspects of life.

Working with dozens of therapists and practitioners, he has summarized his experiences in one of his books 108 Mala Beads, written in

part while on a sojourn in Thailand.

Mr. Linton has trained on the use of these programs for The Video Journal of Education and The School Improvement Network  in 39 states. He has received the highest ratings for his keynote speeches and workshop trainings.