Filled with wonderful color pictures and graphics, the book recounts the life changing experience of John Linton when he sojourned in Thailand for several weeks. Filled with wonderful proven strategies, this narrative will take you from a sense of failure, humiliation and disempowerment to a profusion of peace and joy.

Let his experience give you hope!

Mr. Linton has been on a life-long quest to understand the mystical and practical aspects of life. His writing skills come to life in this book which encapsulates what he has learned and applied. through producing hundreds of videos with some of the world's leading psychiatrists, psychologists and researchers,




The struggle between freedom and control.

Dealing with conflicts in relationships.

Redefining taboos and rules to principles of truth.

Finding freedom from suffering.

The remarkable power of letting go.

Sources of energy for healing.

Overcoming life's challenges  to a place of peaceful existence.

108 Mala Beads: A Journey to Healing and Joy.
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Utilizing the symbols of roosters, cats, rabbits and dogs, John Linton reflects on the work of numerous researchers who delve into the problems of human behavior and relationships. Filled with stories of real people, the reader will find clarity and understanding in their own relationship struggles.

Roosters are leaders. They take charge of things. As roosters keep order, build and maintain control, they can become harmful in close relationships.

Cats are conflict avoidant. They simply walk away from a threatening situation and observe unnoticed from a distance.

Rabbits are highly social and need to be in a crowd—a crowd of people with whom they feel comfortable.

Dogs are loveable. Everyone wants to be around a dog because they are exuberant with life and so fun.



You will understand the deep seated motives that drive the behavior of other people.

With this knowledge, you will be able to distance yourself from personal attacks and criticism.

Empathy, compassion and personal empowerment will begin to fill your soul.

You will be able to develop boundaries that will help you cope and thrive in your relationships.

Blame you have felt in the past will fade away.

You will positively define yourself and cherish the good person you are.

Unconditional love for yourself and others will fill your heart with joy.

Taming the Roosters In Your Life
Animal Metaphors That Define People
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This easy-to-read book explains how unfulfilled expectations are a great stumbling block in relationships, causing disempowerment. Whether husband/wife, parent/child, boss/coworker or any other situation where people must have interaction, expectations are inevitable. Unspecified and unrealistic expectations can create havoc in all types of situations.


This book will remind you that we are born with expectations, and that sadly, through life's journey, many of us are devastated from painful unfulfilled expectations. As a consequence we may lose trust and hope.


By fine-tuning our expectations to the reality of the world in which we live, and creating an attitude of acceptance for others, peace and joy can evolve and personal empowerment restored.


Opening the door to understanding the nature of expectations and how they affect our sense of safety and personal power, this book will help you turn the corner to abundant joy and happiness.


Making choices about expectations, understanding the devastation of unmet expectations, understanding why people do the things they do, and learning to empower yourself will bring you the ability to chart your course with conviction and courage.

Book One of the The Empowering You! Series