Each module will provide you with meaningful instruction,

video clips, graphics, and empowering questions.

True stories of real people will be shared. Select a module above or scroll the page down for a brief introduction to each module.

Module 1

Define Yourself

Come to understand the unique person you are. As a special individual, there is hope for you to be validated in your thinking, actions and accomplishments. Your problems and mistakes will transform into experiences of growth.

Module 2

There are powers and entities beyond you in this earthly existence. You have the ability to tap into that guiding energy to give you comfort, reassurance, and knowledge. It may be religious faith, ancestors or other spiritual connections. For each individual the connection to their divinity is unique. You will be guided to discover what your connection is.

Connect to Your Divinity


Understand Those Around You

Everyone is born with different behavioral, motivational, and learning styles. Understanding how you and others function enables you to interact with those around you in positive beneficial ways. You will learn to not be bothered by the things other people do that in the past have hurt and frustrated you.


Module 3

You may feel that your life is out of control with pressures, deadlines and unmet expectations.
Deep seated pain from setbacks, betrayals and mistakes may consume you.
Simplifying your life is letting go, learning to say no and forgiving yourself and those around you.

Module 5

Enjoy Peaceful Existence

Real joy and peace does not come from wealth or fame, but from a serene existence in which you live in harmony with your surroundings and those with whom you interact.
By following these strategies you will develop within you that peaceful existence that provides an abundance of felicity.

Module 4

Simplify Your Life

John also has several books that you may be interested in if you aren't ready for the online course. Please click the button to go to his books. Thank you for your interest.
Define Yourself
Connect to Your
Understand Those
Around You
Simplify Your Life
Enjoy Peaceful

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